Benefits Of Bariatric Surgery!

Benefits Of Bariatric Surgery!


By Dr. Ramen Goel, Bariatrics

Bariatric surgery is advised in cases of morbid obesity(>37.5 BMI), obesity(>32.5 BMI) with associated diseases and even in overweight(>27.5 BMI) persons with uncontrolled diabetes.  Undergoing bariatric or weight loss surgery requires continued effort after surgery to ensure its success. This includes lifestyle changes, which includes dietary changes and commitment towards regular and brisk physical activities. For a person who is willing to do this, the long-term benefits are multiple.

Read on to know how bariatric surgery can turn your life around.

  1. Weight loss:  One of the first benefits you would see is weight loss. The tendency to eat less is one of the important ways to reduce eating. Nutrition planning should be meticulously done to achieve two things – avoid weight gain and promote weight loss.
  2. Emotional gains: For a person who is used to seeing an obese image in the mirror, it is a great morale booster to see the changing image to a slender version. This is a big boost to continue the effort towards diet and exercise, which will only improve the confidence and self esteem levels.
  3. Overall health: Morbid obesity is not an isolated condition. It brings with it a host of medical issues including sleep apnoea, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, etc. With obesity under control, these conditions also begin to improve and the person’s overall quality of life begins to improve. This in turn provides a big boost for the person to continue working at weight loss.
  4. Reduced healthcare expenses: Obese people often need to eat various medications to manage overall health. There could also be emotional health management issues. With these controlled by bariatric surgery, the patient spends less on overall health and feels good again.
  5. Social connect: Morbid obesity is both a physical and an emotional blockage for a person to engage socially. Once it is controlled, the person is more confident in meeting people and participating in social activities. This further leads to increased overall happiness.
  6. Active life: With reduced weight, the person’s level of activity improves. What seemed difficult earlier is suddenly doable. A person who could not walk some steps is able to, and this is a big booster.

People who undergo bariatric surgery require quite a bit of effort to change their overall lifestyle. However, the benefits are for them to see for themselves, and that is the biggest motivator to continue working towards their goal. Support is definitely required both medically and socially to ensure that it works. The benefits are there for all to reap. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Bariatrician.