Lifestyle Alterations To Stay Fit After Bariatric Surgery!

Lifestyle Alterations To Stay Fit After Bariatric Surgery!


By Dr. Ramen Goel, Bariatrics

Bariatric surgery refers to a procedure by which excessive fat gets reduced gradually from an individual’s body after modification in size of stomach through keyhole route(laparoscopically).

The diet that must succeed a bariatric surgery changes with time. A post bariatric surgery diet will tentatively look like:

  1. Initial stages: At the initial stage, eating solid food should be strictly avoided. A liquid diet with added protein is advised to avoid strain on healing sutures/staples.
  2. Intermediary stages: The diet must be changed post second till the sixth week as the meal is made thicker. However, solid food must still be avoided. Due to the surgery, it is only normal that you would feel full after small consumption.
  3. Final stages: Post sixth week, incorporating solid food in the diet is generally allowed by the doctors. With the introduction of fuller meals, regular intake of food should be reduced and four meals a day should be the norm.

Along with a fixed diet chart, you may also practice certain exercises to expedite the process of recovery. Some of them are:

  1. Light exercise: Depending on the condition, most patients are prescribed strength exercises for 20-30 minutes only atleast 4-5 days every week.

Brisk activity: Few, on the other hand, may be prescribed brisk activity like swimming, racquet sports like badminton, squash, tennis etc.or just walking.