Precautions You Should Take While Considering a Breast Reduction Surgery!

Precautions You Should Take While Considering a Breast Reduction Surgery!


By Dr. Ramakant Bembde, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

Breast reduction surgery, though a rarity, is still conducted on women who might want to reduce the size of their breasts because of the physical or psychological problems they experience. The reasons for this can be vast; such as pain and discomfort with the original huge size of the breasts. Breast reduction surgery can also be opted for by men who are suffering from the condition of “gynecomastia”, which is the presence of male saggy breasts.

If you are planning on getting a breast reduction surgery done, it is very important to understand some details.

Breast reduction surgery can reduce the size of the breasts, lift them up and also make them symmetrical.

Liposuction of breasts is possible in selected cases to reduce breast size moderately.

When should you get a Breast reduction surgery?

  1. If your breasts are too large for your body frame and cause neck or back pain.
  2. If one breast is larger than the other or disproportionate in some way.
  3. If you suffer from skin irritation & fungal infections beneath the breast crease due to heavy breasts.
  4. If you find it impossible to find clothes and bras that fit you.

Precautions you should take while considering a breast reduction surgery:

  1. You shouldn’t have any uncontrolled medical condition or disease.
  2. You should be emotionally and mentally stable. You shouldn’t take any impulsive decision.
  3. If you are pregnant, you should consider against it.
  4. It is extremely important to take proper precautions, and discuss over the issue in detail with your plastic surgeon as this can be a life-changing decision.

The successful outcome of any surgery depends on choosing the right plastic surgeon. Breast reduction surgery should be performed only by a plastic surgeon with MCh or DNB degree in plastic surgery in India.