Surgery – How To Avoid Complications Related To It?

Surgery – How To Avoid Complications Related To It?


By Dr. Bijay Kumar, General Surgery

Surgical procedures have progressed a lot over the years. They do not pose as great a risk today as it did half a century ago. However, there is still some risk involved nonetheless. According to a survey, around 10 percent of people undergoing major surgery in India end up with complications. The only way to avoid surgeries completely is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are 4 ways of maintaining proper health-

1. Sticking to a proper and balanced diet: What you eat plays a vital role in keeping you healthy. If you consume ample amount of fresh vegetables and fruits daily, your immune system is fortified. Additionally, your diet should be balanced in terms of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins.

2. Exercise regularly: Some form of rigorous physical activity is a must for those trying to lead a healthier life. You can choose to cycle or run or hit the gym, the choice is up to you. However, whichever form of exercise you choose, make sure that you engage in it every day. This will keep your heart and lungs healthy, while burning off any excess fats in the process.

3. Drink plenty of water: Water is a simple thing, but human beings have no chance of surviving without it. Many conditions are caused if the body remains dehydrated for long spans. Drinking ample amounts of water everyday will help regulate normal bodily functions.

4. Being stress free: Stress can lead to serious conditions over time. It is therefore essential to keep a lid on stress. Taking frequent vacations from work and maintaining a proper sleep pattern is vital in dealing with excessive stress. Meditation also helps in this regard.

If you follow the pointers mentioned above, you will be able to stay free from any major diseases. Even if you are diagnosed with a condition, simple medications will likely work for you and surgery may never be required.

How to avoid major complications?

1. A stitch in time saves nine - An early diagnosis can avoid a major surgery, sometimes all surgery at all is avoided in many diseases, as at early stage medicines are effective in treating it, and even if some surgery is required, it is of a lot smaller scale.

2. Don’t be afraid to accept your diagnosis: Often even a small disease becomes more painful just because we are not ready to accept it. People who accept their problem better deal with even the most difficult and painful conditions.

3. When a doctor advises you a surgery, face it. Delayed surgery is associated with significantly more complications and poor outcome of the treatment.

4. Trust your doctor: Ask your doctor more and more questions. But ask only when you trust him/ her. There is no point collecting opinions if you don’t trust them.

5. Don’t trust your doctor? Do proper study about your disease from various educational and informative media. Collect more and more information to help you decide when doctor asks you to decide. Nowadays lot of information is available, but be careful their interpretation is often wrong and requires a lot of knowledge and experience.

6. Undergoing a treatment/ surgery is a job of responsibility for both the doctor and the patient. Be responsible, be decisive, and remember with all the medical science knowledge and experience a doctor can predict very very limited about the outcome. Human body is full of surprises, and all the doctors and all the science knows less than 1% about it till now.

Every surgery is full of unpredictable events. Nature is full of surprises. Always take guidance from elders of the family before making a decision. Their experience makes lot of difference. It helps the doctor.