Urticaria (Sheet Pitta) – How Does Ayurveda Treat It?

Urticaria (Sheet Pitta) – How Does Ayurveda Treat It?


By Dr. Shayna Gupta, Ayurveda

Hives, also known as urticaria or Sheet Pitta, is characterized by an outbreak of swollen red bumps on the skin. It may cause symptoms of itching, burning or stinging. The disorder can affect any part of the body including the tongue, throat and face. The size of the bumps can vary, they may join together to form plaques. The bumps or plaques appear and disappear until the disorder runs its course. In case of chronic hives, the bumps can last up to six weeks.


The symptoms of this disorder are formation of bumps on the body, severe itching and pain resulting from the bumps. The symptoms can get aggravated by stress, heat and exercise. You may also experience dizziness, chest pain and a swollen throat.


Chronic hives can be caused when specific cells in the body release histamine in the blood. The exact cause of this disorder is not known. This reaction of releasing histamine in the blood can be triggered by factors like:

1. Insects
2. Medications to control pain
3. Scratching
4. Exposure to cold and heat
5. Excessive consumption of alcohol
6. Heavy exercise

Being a female and being young raises your risk of being affected by this disorder.

Ayurvedic Treatment:

The first line of treatment for hives is the use of home remedies. The doctor will aim to treat any underlying condition, if any. Ayurvedic remedies for hives are holistic and free from side effects. They are based on natural ingredients that do not cause any adverse effects on the body.

The Ayurvedic treatment for this disorder are:

  1. Herbs: Certain herbs like turmeric are very effective to treat this condition. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve its symptoms. A mixture of rock salt and mustard oil can be applied on the affected part to foster speedy recovery.
  2. Diet: You need to follow certain dietary guidelines so that the symptoms do not get aggravated. Avoid taking foods that are sour and salty. Include plenty of buttermilk as it has a cooling effect on the body.