What To Eat And Avoid While Detoxifying?

What To Eat And Avoid While Detoxifying?


By Dt. Ms. Jyoti Deshmukh, Dietitian/Nutritionist

Detoxification is the process of eliminating toxins from the body through the colon and liver. If you have been consuming a lot of junk food, medicines or alcohol, your body will benefit from a detox. It is important to have healthy meals during a detox. Extreme fasting or living only on fluids may lead to unnecessary complications. Though only-juice diets do help you to lose weight, it is mostly water weight and you will probably gain it back within a week of ending the detox process. The following is a list of guidelines for a more effective and healthy detox diet:

1. Fruits which are rich in vitamin C should be included in your breakfast. Fruits help to flush the toxins out faster because they have high water content.

2. You should eat or drink something every two hours. This will prevent you from feeling hungry and overeating at once.

3. Substitute dairy products with rice and nut milk.

4. Eat at least 80 grams of animal protein or 150 grams of vegetable protein a day.

5. Try to avoid sugar. You can use natural sweeteners like brown rice syrup or fruit sweeteners.

6. Avoid caffeine and go for herbal drinks and natural fruit juice.

7. Oil of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and sesame are good for the digestive system during a detox. Avoid processed oils.

8. Include brown rice in one of the daily meals. It is rich in vitamin B and fiber content. Vitamin B reduces health risks and fiber facilitates the digestive process. Fiber also keeps you feeling full and prevents overeating.

9. Whole grains like wheat, barley, rice and oatmeal are best avoided.

10. Fruits and green vegetables contain anti-oxidants. These help to clean the colon. Herbal laxatives and probiotics can also be used for this purpose.