Is It Normal To Have Weight Loss Suddenly?

Is It Normal To Have Weight Loss Suddenly?


By Dr. Deepak Sharma, General Physician

Nowadays, obesity has become a common issue due to unhealthy lifestyles and this requires immediate attention. A healthy weight is imperative for a good living. Similarly, a sudden drop in weight is also an indication of ill health and has serious repercussions. There are many causes that contribute to sudden weight loss.

Causes of Sudden Weight Loss-

1. Addison’s disease is caused when certain hormones are produced insufficiently by the adrenal glands. This disease, if persists can prove to be fatal. A person suffering from Addison’s disease loses weight drastically.

2. Cancer can cause a patient to lose a lot of weight within a short period of time.

3. Diabetes leads to an unexpected weight loss due to excess glucose in the blood.

4. Dementia refers to a condition where a person suffers from loss of memory and cognitive functions. A person afflicted with dementia suffers from an unanticipated weight loss.

5. Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder which entails a perceptible trembling of hands. It also affects the walking and moving ability of a person. An unforeseen weight loss is a direct repercussion of this disease.

6. Malabsorption syndrome is the inability to absorb nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from the intestinal tract into the bloodstream. It leads to sudden weight loss in children and adults.

7. Depression can cause weight loss if it continues for a long time.

Complications of Sudden Weight Loss-

1. Possible Gallbladder Attack:

One of the most common consequences of sudden weight loss is the precipitation of solids from the bile. This increases the risks of developing gallstones causing extreme discomfort and pain.

2. Less Energy:

A rapid loss of weight decreases the level of carbohydrates in the body. This leads to extreme lethargy and weakness.

3. Loss of Muscle Strength:

Due to insufficient consumption of protein and amino acid which happens during weight loss, the person suffering from a sudden weight loss experiences lack in muscle strength.