Mouth & Throat Cancer – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Of It!

Mouth & Throat Cancer – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Of It!


By Dr. Sudeep Sarkar, Oncology

The oral cavity or commonly known as the mouth and the upper portion of the throat holds very important functions. These functions help us to carry our regular activities and survive the right way like breathing, talking and chewing. These portions of the body are also termed as oropharynx or the oral cavity. However, these important and very vital areas of our body are also prone to cancer. Benign and malignant tumours can both occur in the oral cavity.

Different kinds of cells are present in these areas and cancer occurs when the normal cells undergo a change which is usually a genetical mutation and multiply in such a manner that it exceeds the normal production. So, they do not die in time and that is why a lump is created. Tumours in the oral cavity can easily spread to different areas of the body which can also affect the whole bloodline.

Causes - There are different kinds of causes because of which people face mouth and throat cancer. Here are some of the most important reasons which cause this cancer.

● Smoking is one of the most important causes of cancer which can affect the oral cavity.

● Chewing tobacco in any form can also lead to cancer in a more serious manner than smoking.

● People who consume alcohol regularly are more often affected by this cancer.

● Too much exposure to the sun and it’s UV rays can lead to the development of cancer in the lips.

So these are some of the most and important reasons because of which people suffer from oral cavity cancer.

Symptoms - There are different kinds of symptoms identifying which you can understand that you might be suffering from a mouth and throat cancer.

● A painless lump may develop on the lip, in the mouth, or even in the throat

● There can be a sore or ulceration on the lip or inside the mouth which is not healing

● Presence of white patches or red patches on the gums, tongue, or lining of the mouth

● If there is an unexplained and sudden pain, bleeding, or numbness inside the mouth

● A sore throat which refuses to go away

● Pain or difficulty with chewing or swallowing can also be experienced by the individual

● Swelling of the jaw significantly

So here are the different symptoms which are related to mouth and throat cancer. If you identify these symptoms then make sure you visit the doctor immediately.

Final Verdict - The treatment and diagnosis of oral cancer are extensive and requires quick attention. Make sure you visit a reputed cancer specialist who will be able to guide you the right way. If there is any kind of delay or complexity in the treatment process, then cancer will spread very quickly and result in a very serious condition.