Is Bed Rest Necessary After IVF?

Is Bed Rest Necessary After IVF?


By Dr. Priya Dahiya, Gynaecology

In-vitro fertilization or IVF is way more common than ever before. This is where “test tube babies” come from. The procedure dates back to 1978. However, it should not be confused with artificial insemination.

Cases Where IVF is Effective

IVF is a complicated and expensive procedure. But it can help semi-infertile couples have their own biological child. IVF cannot help every case of infertility. The cases it can help are:

  • Endometriosis.
  • Sperm motility issues.
  • Sperm count issues.
  • Fallopian tube blockages.
  • Ovulation irregularities.
  • Cases of sperms not surviving the cervical mucus.

Who Qualifies for IVF?

This complex and expensive procedure is never the first thing doctors try to put couples through. IVF is considered only when other treatment options like artificial insemination, fertility drugs, and surgery have not helped.


Let’s briefly discuss the important parts of the entire procedure:

  • The initial step involves hormone injections that increase egg count per month from just one egg to many.
  • Tests are conducted to determine the condition of the eggs.
  • Injections are given to make the eggs ready for ovulation.
  • USG and other tests are carried out to determine the right time for the extraction of the eggs.
  • Pain meds and anesthesia are given.
  • The eggs are extracted with a hollow needle right before they emerge from the follicles. The timing is crucial.
  • The sperms are extracted from freshly deposited semen.
  • The fertilization procedure is carried out in the laboratory and kept under observation.
  • About three embryos are planted in the uterus when it reaches the blastocyst stage.

The female needs to stay at bed rest for a few hours. The couple is released after six hours. A pregnancy test is conducted after two weeks.

Need For Bed Rest

It is a popular notion that the female must be at bed rest even after being discharged after an IVF procedure. While some doctors say it is not necessary for chances of a successful pregnancy, others insist that staying at bed rest is crucial for the success of the procedure.

The truth is, after the initial discomfort of the surgery is over, bed rest is not necessary. Of course, heavy strenuous activity is not recommended but the lack of bed rest does not reduce the chances of pregnancy. Some doctors play it safe by mandating bed rest so that they are not blamed for any accident that might follow.