Living Healthy With Ayurveda!

Living Healthy With Ayurveda!


By Dr. Rituraj Taank, Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an Indian model of health which has lasted for more than 5,000 years. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means ‘science of life’. Applied in substantial amounts in order to intervene in persistent health issues and thereby forming a major component of daily maintenance of personal health, Ayurveda is called “yoga’s sister science.” These doshas correspond to elements such as water, fire, air, earth and space and their various combinations.

Ayurveda makes recommendations in order to become grounded, in cases where the natural behaviour is to be restless and unsettled. These include consumption of heavier foods like cooked grains and vegetable stews and getting massages to soothe the nervous system. Subtler suggestions include avoiding windy conditions as much as possible.

The basic idea behind Ayurveda is that the components of the human body are similar to that of nature and its elements and that one such element forms a predominant feature in individuals. A result of this concept is the definition of a dosha constituting of a particular physical build, combination of personality qualities, appetite, etc. The three doshas are present in everyone with two doshas dominating the third. However, health issues and imbalance can occur due to over amplification.

The best ayurvedic remedy suggested is to make corrections to the underlying “doshic” imbalances and thus returning the person to his/her healthy state. Knowing your dosha and following recommendations for daily behaviour form the basic foundations of Ayurveda-based healing.

Some remedies are:

1. Avoidance of cold and raw foods and regular consumption of cooked and warm meals.

2. Soothing walks for long hours

3. Meditating regularly

4. Adequate rest

5. Exercising regularly