Birth Control Methods – Know More About Them!

Birth Control Methods – Know More About Them!


By Dr. Yogesh Tandon, Sexology

Birth control is a way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Increase in awareness about birth control measures helps partners plan their childbearing in a better way.

Methods of Birth Control-

1) The most effective birth control methods are intrauterine devices (IUDs) that are often ‘T’ shaped and inserted in the uterus.

2) Sterilization is a process of birth control that makes a person incapable of reproducing. It is often undergone intentionally and is available in both surgical and non-surgical forms.

3) Oral pills and condoms are the most commonly used measures for birth control. Condoms and femidom (female condom) are known to reduce sexually transmitted diseases.

4) The oral contraceptive pill is the most used to measure birth control by women across the world. Birth control

5) Pills are the most convenient ways of postponing pregnancy, but it is very essential that you know the side effects of these pills. It causes changes in the body, some of which are irregular bleeding, increase in the size of breasts, rising in blood pressure level and infertility.