Breakdown Upon The Myth About Sex Life!

Breakdown Upon The Myth About Sex Life!


By Burlington Clinic – India Best Sexologist, Sexology

Sex is a way to express your love and the fact that you care and value the relationship you share with your spouse. However, sometimes after marriage, deprivation of sex can be a major hindrance to your relationship with your spouse. Usually, after you have kids, it becomes rather difficult to get some ‘alone’ time with your spouse because of the landslide of responsibilities which come spiraling down on you.

But, there is still time left. Read on to find out about how you can still keep the spark alive even after you come across the sudden responsibilities of parenting.

How can you still have a gratifying sexual life after having kids?

  • Hire a babysitter or a nanny. While the babysitter looks after the child, you can always get some time alone with your husband. Make the most of it!
  • Make your children sleep as early as possible. This way you can also enjoy sex and not suffer from any sleep deprivation.
  • Talk about other things to your partner. Sometimes, it becomes very irritating for your spouse when you can’t stop talking about your kid’s performance at school and other related things. So, it is better to make him/her feel more special by talking about something else for a change.
  • Try role-playing in the bedroom for a change. Monotony mars the mood; hence, it is very important to experiment in the bedroom. This can spice up your sex life as well as uplift your spouse’s mood.
  • No time is too late to spice up your relationship. Children need not necessarily be the roadblock in the relationship with your spouse.