Bladder Tumour – How To Treat It?

Bladder Tumour – How To Treat It?


By Dr. Vikky Ajwani, Urology

The kidney of your body passes urine through the ureters which gets collected in the bladder. This is in turn passed through the urethra to be removed from your body. Thus the bladder is a very important organ of your body. ‘Bladder Tumor’ refers to the fibrous growths in your bladder. It may be either benign or malignant. Malignant tumors result in the growth of cancerous cells on your body leading to cancer. Bladder tumor is more common in men than women.

Many reasons may be responsible for bladder tumor, they are as follows:

1. Smoking

2. Contact with chemicals like Aniline dyes, Benzidine, Xenylamine.

3. Bladder infections.

4. Chronic diseases.

5. Family history.

6. Some medications.

7. Contact with arsenic in drinking water.

8. Intake of less fluid.

9. High amount of alcohol intake

The common symptom of malignant bladder tumor is the passage of blood with urine. But there can be other symptoms also such as problems in urinating, pain in the bladder, back pain or blockage.

Bladder tumor can be treated in the following ways:

a) Radiation Therapy- Using high energy x-rays to destroy the fibrous growth.

b) Surgery- Tumors can be removed through a surgery.

c) Chemotherapy- Chemotherapy is used in case of malignant tumor.

d) Biological therapy also known as immunotherapy.

e) A small portion of the bladder can also be removed.

Certain risk factors are also involved; they are stated as follows-

a) Smoking

b) Aging

c) A person under diabetes medication.

d) Chronic urinary infection.

It is highly recommended for you to visit a doctor if you encounter any of the above mentioned symptoms to avoid further complications.