In Detail About Diabetic Foot Ulcers!

In Detail About Diabetic Foot Ulcers!


By Dr. Milind Ruke, Diabetic Foot Surgery

Foot ulcers are common in people with a severe diabetic condition. The skin at the bottom of the feet break down and the inner layers of the feet start getting exposed. It usually starts at the area below the big toe but can spread to the entire foot. In severe cases, the tissue damage is so extreme that the bones get exposed. Foot ulcers can thankfully be treated. The condition must be recognized and treated in the initial stages in order to prevent distortion of the foot and the extreme pain.

There are some symptoms that indicate the onset of the condition. If a diabetic person experiences any of the following symptoms for a few days, they must see a doctor about it.
● Swelling.
● Redness.
● Foul smell from the feet or one foot.
● A discharge that might be seen on socks and soles of the footwear.
● Blackening of the foot.
● Pain.
● Numbness.

Stages of Foot Ulcer
There are four stages of foot ulcer:

 Stage 0- No ulcer but there is a risk that symptoms may arise.
 Stage 1- Ulcer is present but it is not infectious.
● Stage 2- Infectious ulcer starting to eat away the tissues.
● Stage 3- Abscesses from infectious ulcers.

The primary cause of diabetic foot ulcer is obviously diabetes but how exactly does it work? Here are the factors that ultimately lead to foot ulcers:

● Poor Blood Circulation: Slowing down healthy cell production.
● Hyperglycaemia: Slowing down the healing of tissues, making them prone to infection.
 Neurological Damage: Causes pain and numbness.
● Lack of Foot Care: Dry, cracked, or wounded skin makes the foot prone to infections.

Risk factors
Diabetic people are at risk of developing foot ulcers though not all of them do. Some other risk factors include:
● Ill-fitted shoes.
● Poor hygiene.
● Untrimmed nails.
● Alcoholism.
● Heart diseases.
● Kidney diseases.
● Obesity.
● Nicotine and tobacco.

Homeopathic medication is a better option than other drugs that have multiple side effects or could hinder with the effect of diabetes medication. Homeopathy can be used for diabetes as well.

There are some essential lifestyle changes to be made to aid the healing:
● Avoiding putting pressure on the feet helps quicker recovery. Yes, standing or walking is best avoided for as long as it takes for the ulcer to be gone.
● Diabetic shoes and casts to reduce pressure while walking. Surgical removal of ulcers and calluses is also an option but only in extreme conditions.
● Over-the-counter dressing helps treat pussy discharge.
● Infections can be cured and prevented with homeopathic medicine, foot dressing, and keeping the feet clean and dry.

The good news is, foot ulcers are totally curable from any stage. Once totally cured, it’s best to maintain very good hygiene with clean feet, clean footwear, clean and well-moisturized feet, and properly trimmed nails.