Doubts To Be Cleared Before Surgery!

Doubts To Be Cleared Before Surgery!



By Dr. Vishal Diddi, General Surgery

Surgery is a major step to be taken by the patients as well as the doctors. People are always sceptical about going for a surgery as there always are several doubts in their minds because of the complications that may arise as a result of it. Hence, clearing all these confusions before going for the surgery is a must.

Here we have prepared some of the questions you must ask your doctor before opting for the surgery:

Q1. It is totally invalid to ask how long you will have to be in the hospital after your surgery.

You must always ask your surgeon about the time period that you have to spend in the hospital even after your surgery. This is important for your self-satisfaction. You would know that when you can go back home and meet your loved ones. Mostly the stay time in hospital after surgery depends on the intensity of the surgery. Ask your surgeon whether you would need any form of special help at home when you are discharged from the hospital.

Q2. Some other crucial questions that you must ask your surgeon before the surgery are -

  1. Where will the operation take place
  2. Why do I need the surgery
  3. What will happen during the surgery

Before your surgery, you must know all the facts pertaining to it. Firstly you must know where your operation will be taking place, that is, whether it is an outpatient one or will be in the hospital. You must ask the exact reason behind why you have to take that surgery. You must also ask your surgeon to make you go through the entire process that will take place during the surgery so that you have an idea. Make sure you ask your surgeon whether there was any other alternative way other than the surgery which was less invasive.

Q3. Should you reveal your health history to the surgeon?

Yes, for sure! You must ask your surgeon whether your health history may pose any threat to the successful completion of the surgery. For that, you have to tell the doctor everything. Let him know about all your past treatments and surgeries, if any, to avoid complications later on. It is also important to mention any relevant genetic problems. Let him know all the medications that you had taken or were taking prior to the surgery as it may pose a problem to the surgery.

Q4. The questions that you should ask if you are unsure about how to prepare for surgery

  1. Do I need tests
  2. Will I need to give blood
  3. Do I have to take medicines

You must always confirm the procedures that you have to follow to undergo an operation. Firstly, ask your surgeon if there are any tests that you need to take. Confirm from your surgeon if there is any need for you to give blood. Also, ask him whether you have to take any medicines before surgery as some surgeries require medication. Though your surgeon would explain the preparations to be done, it is best to understand every requirement completely by making your own checklist.

Q5. Should you ask your surgeon about the risks that may be associated with the surgery?

Absolutely yes! You must always enquire about the risks involved with a surgery beforehand because every surgery does have some risks, whether small or big. Be aware as you must give full consent to them before going for the operation. The hospital would ensure you sign a contract in this regard for any surgery as a part of the formality.

Getting these questions answered may help you a great deal in going for a surgery as it will ensure you about the things that are going to happen during and after the surgery.