Gene Editing In Autism!

Gene Editing In Autism!


By Dr. Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy, General Physician

Gene Editing in Autism: Blessing or a CURSE?

In the recent medical development of Autism, gene editing has been proposed by the doctors and research students who claim to cure Autism at the roots. However, the study is still under research and experimentation.

What is Gene Editing Autism?

The administration of enzymes pills engages may result in gene editing of the patients. Enzymes are proteins in the body which are absorbed by the organs to trigger biochemical reactions. The genomes digest the proteins to form the part of the DNA sequence. This leads to changes in the DNA pattern, which is called gene edits. 

Since the treatment entails experiments, it is not ethical for using it for medication purposes in children. With medication and hospital treatment, it may cause a traumatic experience. The parents are also required to spend money in the medicine that may regress the results instead of showing any positive results towards improvement.

With the failure of Human genome projects, gene editing will create regressive behavior in the autistic patients. Instead of problem-solving, the condition in the children can worsen. However, there is a safe solution for autistic kids online. The treatment is done by using a unique method called Healing.

Authentic Autism Solutions offer a tremendous remedial program for children with Autism. The kids who are sensitive towards the crowd and people can take benefits of the remote Healing with this program. Since the program is based on the internet, the parents do not have to spend money on traveling and lodging. The program is so effective that you can see the difference in your kids from day one.

Gene editing requires medicine, whereas Autism Solutions do not need drugs. Hence the risk of side effects is almost nil. Moreover, the founder of the program is a renowned doctor with years of experience in the field of modern medicine. She understands the science and application of science in the program.

Gene editing has a presence all over the internet. But the authenticity of the treatment is still under consideration, whereas Autism Solutions offers Global Statistics Blueprint for Autism Care from their institute. The program is working in more than 30 countries and has treated children successfully with nonverbal Autism.

This program works on the theory of Energy replacement. The healer connects with the energy of the child and helps them to heal themselves. The healing capability is so high that there are claims that you will notice a difference in your child from day one. This non-invasive program is safe for your child and can be used from the comfort of your home. The self-regulatory nature of the treatment is better than gene editing, which is still in the experimental stage.