Autism – Artificial Intelligence vs Evolved Intelligence!

Autism – Artificial Intelligence vs Evolved Intelligence!


By Dr. Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy, General Physician

Autism Brain Theranostics Leads the Way: AI in Autism versus EI in Autism

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the ability of a computerized digital system to accomplish tasks usually associated with intelligent living beings and EI or Evolved Intelligence involves accessed, downloaded, channelled, and delivered intelligence from the conscious mind with the help of advanced human technological capacities.

Theranostics in Autism refers to any tool, method, technique, procedure, or modality for diagnosing as well as for treating Autism. The treatment of Autism with the help of Autism Brain Theranostics involves the disappearance or rectification of the limiting symptoms related to Autism.

Signs and Symptoms

One needs to identify the areas of disturbances in the Autistic person for signs of conditions. These signs include developmental delay, non-verbal autism, gut problems in autism, poor immunity, seizure disorder together with autism, PDD-NOS or Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified and sensory processing disorder.


Autism Brain Theranostics includes diagnosing and treatment of the energy instabilities in the autistic brain. This is achieved with the help of energy assessment and applied energy medicine tools together with applied international epigenetics. Evolved Intelligence or EI helps in such treatment which involves the technological abilities of remote viewing, remote sensing, and remote healing. All of these are applied together.

This is the reason that Autism Brain Theranostics acts both as a diagnostic tool as well as a therapy or treatment of brain disorders in the autistic person. Artificial Intelligence or AI is developed to measure the outcome and possibly to record the process of Evolved Intelligence or EI.

Autism Brain Theranostics is an effective way of recovering a person from Autism and can help rectify the energy disturbances in the brain of an autistic person. Autism Brain Theranostics help non-verbal autistic person in speaking, rectifying sensory processing problems, developing healthy immunity, cure seizure disorder, rectifying gut issues. Not only these, but ABT also helps in improving cognitive abilities, making an autistic person easily socialize and be independent, and helping to eliminate other issues such as lack of eye-contact while communicating, hand flapping, and others.

Take Away

Autism was earlier considered to be a neurodevelopmental disorder that did not have any cure. However, it is not true as this disorder is treatable. Autism Brain Theranostics is a diagnostic tool as well as the therapy or treatment to rectify the energy disturbances of the energy field in the brain of an autistic person.

Autism Brain Theranostics include both Artificial as well as Evolved Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is used to measure the effect and process of evolved Intelligence. This technological advancement for the treatment of Autism is getting better and helping autistic people become more independent. One should consult a medical specialist if finding any symptom of Autism or any neurodevelopmental problems in their children as it can have a major effect on their lives in the short as well as long term.