Multi-Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis – Know More!

Multi-Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis – Know More!


By Dr. Hardik Thakker, Internal Medicine

MDR-TB or Multi-Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis is a particular type of TB. It signifies that this strain of bacteria is resistant to primary drugs used to treat the condition.

Factors Contributing to MDR-TB

The following factors could lead you to contract MDR tuberculosis –

• If you do not follow the medications, which have been provided by your healthcare provider, or if you suddenly stop taking medications for the condition
• If you end up consuming the wrong medicines/drugs
• If you are taking medications of poor quality
• If you have been in touch with someone who has been infected with MDR-TB

Treatment for MDR-TB

In 2016, the World Health Organization suggested a major change in the treatment for MDR tuberculosis. WHO recommended that shorter regimens should be made available for patients with Multi-Drug-Resistant TB.
Earlier, treatment for the condition required a large number of drugs to be consumed for up to two years. These drugs often led to adverse effects in most patients. Therefore, various attempts were made to develop shorter regimens that are easier to take.

The first of the easier and shorter MDR-TB regimen showed a high rate of cure than the standard regimens.

Preventing MDR-TB

The best way to prevent Multi-Drug-Resistant tuberculosis from spreading is to follow all the drugs and medications, as prescribed by the doctor. In order for the treatment to be effective, make sure you do not miss even a single dose.

A specialist may be able to prevent MDR-TB by diagnosing the condition, and monitoring how well the patient is responding to the treatment.
Another way you can prevent MDR-TB is by avoiding direct contact with patients already suffering from the disease. You should also focus on maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, especially if you are visiting a hospital premise for follow-up or treatment.
It is advisable that you continue with the medications as long as the course recommends. Under no circumstance i.e. even if you notice an improvement in your condition, should you stop taking medicines without consulting with your healthcare provider. If you are having trouble taking the drugs for MDR-TB, inform your doctor of the same.