Drug Abuse In Kids- Ways To Tackle It!

Drug Abuse In Kids- Ways To Tackle It!


By Sadhav De – Addiction Centre, Psychology

Kids are exposed to many things in the present world. Advancement in the modern world though has great advantages it also has many negative impacts in its way which is undeniable. Children’ start to use alcohol or any other drugs even from their very small age.

Drug abuse is not an addiction; drug abuse is using any legal or illegal drugs in the wrong way. But in addiction is getting used to that certain substance and using the drug becomes a habit. So, it is really not that tough to treat or help your kid to stay away from drug abuse like an addiction.

You may note a few signs from your kid that shows the changes in the behavior indicating the act of drug abuse-

  • Loves to be isolated.
  • Looks dull or tired and withdraws themselves from interactions with family members.
  • Loss of interest in activities that your kid likes and his favorites.
  • Poor or improper grooming.
  • Peer group change sometimes.
  • Skipping school and classes.
  • The decline in academic performance.
  • Changes in eating habits.
  • Poor relationship and interaction with the family members and relatives.


  • Have an informal personal talk with your kid. Plan your conversation and listen to your kid’s answer and reply with love. Getting angry or trying to change your kid in a violent way never going to help.
  • Let your child feel comfortable and feel free to share things with your friendly withhold judgments.
  • Identify the need of your kid. Spend more time for your kid with love and compassion because that’s the great way to change the abuse of your kid.
  • Identify your kid’s sign of social withdrawal and dullness at a very early stage. As this may help in recovering the kid at the earliest.
  • Track your kid’s activities and monitor suspicious activities.
  • Look for the availability of drugs in your kid’s room. Snooping on your kid though not the right thing but it is much needed to check your kid’s cupboard, lockers, dresses for the availability of drugs.