How To Supplement B12 And D3 In The Diet?

How To Supplement B12 And D3 In The Diet?


By Dt. Sangeeta Bhatt, Dietitian/Nutritionist

How to supplement b12 and d3 in the diet?

Things to know before supplementing b12 and d3 in the diet Vitamin B3 / PP, which because of the large number of forms called niacin; nicotinamide is used in the medical and cosmetic industry. Useful properties of the vitamin are so unique that it is equated to a drug. The international name of the substance is nicotinic acid. Here you will come to know how to supplement b12 and d3 in the diet.

The history of the discovery of niacin

Humanity needed to survive in the conditions of the development of new diseases. The vitamin formula was discovered in the nineteenth century to fight a serious pellagra. This terrible disease developed in people because of an inadequate standard of living, accompanied by hallucinations, depression, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Soon, pellagra was found in people who abused alcohol.

Why the body needed niacin?

The main function of vitamin PP is participation in the course of oxidation-reduction processes. Thanks to the influence of the substance, the growth of body tissues normalizes, the metabolism of fat cells improves, and the amount of cholesterol decreases, sugar and fats are processed into positive energy.

What is the purpose of niacin?

Vitamin PP protects the body from the most complex diseases: platelet, diabetes, hypertension, etc. Nicotinic acid is used to treat disorders of the functionality of the nervous system, to combat migraine.
With a sufficient amount of vitamin PP in the body in humans, the gastrointestinal tract works without failures and pathological abnormalities. When inflammation occurs, the body struggles with the process, it is easier to digest the incoming food, and it better produces gastric juice. B3 / PP has a positive effect on the pancreas and liver. The leading place in vitamin takes in the synthesis of hemoglobin, the production of red blood cells, in the ratio of hormones. Better substance, regulating the level of cholesterol in the blood, cannot be found.

Vitamin PP helps the body produce the right amount of energy, increases blood sugar during a catastrophic drop in its level, which contributes to the fight against diabetes mellitus, hypertension. The substance is prescribed in order to increase the exchange of amino acids, and reduce the amount of triglycerides. In addition, niacin affects the protective properties of the pancreas, so problems with insulin do not threaten anyone who uses nicotinic acid.

Conclusion: Nicotinic Acid in Medical Preparations
The properties of vitamin B3 led to its popularity in the pharmacological industry.
Ampoules: The solution is designed to inject the drug intramuscularly. The injections are attributed to patients with gastrointestinal diseases. The advantage of this form is the immediate flow of material through the bloodstream into cells where biochemical reactions occur.