Premature Ejaculation – 7 Ways You Can Beat It!

Premature Ejaculation – 7 Ways You Can Beat It!


By Dr. Imran Khan, Sexology

Premature ejaculation is a form of disorder that commonly occurs in male. The normal ejaculation period for a normal male ranges from 6 – 8 minutes. The intra vaginal latency time may last for minimum of two minutes, but if this goes less than two minutes then this condition is diagnosed as premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is common in adults for various reason and it often causes problems in a relationship.

Ways to overcome premature ejaculation:

Overcoming premature ejaculation requires more of psychological changes and treatment than physical treatment-

  1. Practice the simple exercise to gain control over your ejaculation. Masturbate and stop before the final stage of the feel to ejaculate. Stop masturbating and divert yourself with any other thoughts of your likes. This relaxing time may last for even 5 minutes. Continue masturbation after five minutes and ejaculate the collected semen this allows your penis to improve the control over ejaculation.
  2. Practice Kegel exercise regularly. Many doctors have seen improvement in their patient’s condition with the regular use of this exercise. This gradually increases the intra vaginal latency period for more than two minutes.
  3. Talk with your partner and work together to solve the problem.
  4. Condom usage may cause less stimulation effect to the penis thus, reduces the ejaculation time. This helps the male with premature ejaculation to increase the ejaculation time. It is much better if you prefer thicker condoms
  5. Reduction in the friction may cause less stimulation to the penis. So trying to use more lubricant helps for male with premature ejaculation. But some partners may feel reduction in their satisfaction level with this increased use of lubricant.
  6. Orgasm within 24 hours helps to increase the ejaculation time. Masturbate in the morning and be with your partner in night for a long period of intra vaginal latency time.
  7. Using refractory period. Relaxation after one sexual attempt is the refractory period. For those males with premature ejaculation they can use this period and make the second erection at earlier time and start with the second sexual act which may last for longer time. As this idea may be difficult for many individual there are people who have experienced positive results of using this in overcoming premature ejaculation.