Multiple Orgasms – How To Attain It?

Multiple Orgasms – How To Attain It?


By Dr. Vikas Deshmukh, Sexology

Sexual climax or multiple orgasms is the aim of every sexual intercourse resulting in sexual pleasure. Orgasm is a sudden discharge of accumulated sexual excitement causing contractions in the pelvic region during sexual intercourse. Multiple orgasms are a series of sequential orgasmic experiences occurring in quick succession.

Men and women experience multiple orgasms at different intensity. Typically a woman’s orgasm lasts a few seconds more than that of men, but there are chances that it ends with a tie. Ejaculation and orgasm in men do not occur simultaneously. Once a man ejaculates, he reaches refractory period, which obstructs multiple orgasm. They require more stimulation than a man to arouse. They don’t face any refractory period and stay aroused for a longer period of time.

Following are certain practices to increase multiple orgasms:

1. Slow down your partner - Men have higher stamina, which makes them reach climax within 7 to 10 minutes. Use female-focused foreplay to slow down your partner.

2. Maintain the connection – It is necessary to maintain both physical and mental connection after the first orgasm. Maintain eye contact and practice all your finger techniques to go for the second round of orgasm.

3. Master erotic touching – Many women fail to experience orgasm just by sexual intercourse. By using various finger techniques a woman can be aroused, which can result in multiple orgasms.

4. Focus your breathing - It is seen that when people are sexually aroused, they hold their breath or breathe very shallow. Breathe out for a moment after the first orgasm and arouse back again. The more you breathe and relax, more sexual pleasure is achieved.

5. Make yourself go with the flow – Women generally don’t open themselves to their partner. They feel shy and limit their intimations. To face multiple orgasms, it is necessary for you to open up and move with the flow.