Know More About Uses Of O-Shot & P-Shot!

Know More About Uses Of O-Shot & P-Shot!



By Dr. Megha Tuli, Gynaecology

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a type of natural treatment that involves reinjecting the platelets and growth factors of the body. This therapy promotes a healing process in the body to rejuvenate the affected area. This is used in many therapeutic areas including dentistry, sports medicine, orthopaedics, cosmetic medicine, and hair loss.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy for sexual rejuvenation for men and women is a new technique used to treat erectile dysfunction, reduce vaginal dryness and painful sexual intercourse, increase sexual satisfaction, and to improve or regain female orgasm. PRP for sexual rejuvenation includes two methods known as Priapus Shot (P-shot) for men and Orgasm Shot (O-shot) for women.

Priapus Shot (P-shot) for Men -

Priapus Shot or P-shot for men is designed to achieve improvements in sexual performance. This is especially recommended to those who are dealing with any sexual issues or lost the normal functioning of the reproductive organs. Man’s sexual well-being depends on various factors including diabetes, side effects of medication or surgery, enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, Peyronie’s disease, environmental and lifestyle factors, etc. Priapus Shot (P-shot) is a recent and revolutionary way to treat sexual dysfunction in males.

During the P-shot procedure, doctors first take a blood sample to extract the growth factor from the body using a proprietary technique. The extracted growth factor then concentrated into PRP and injected into the area of the penis.

Benefits of Priapus Shot (P-shot) -

Though each man experiences different results, most of them report the following benefits from this therapy:

● Increased blood flow and circulation
● Increased firmness of the erection
● Increased sexual stamina
● Improved sexual capabilities
● Increased sexual pleasure and sensation
● Enhanced appearance
● Resolved prostate discomfort
● Resolved urinary incontinence problems

Orgasm Shot (O-shot) for Women -

Orgasm Shot for women is a simple and non-invasive method that uses the growth factor to stimulate clitoral and vaginal rejuvenation for the activation of the Orgasm System. Female dysfunction is rare compared to men. About 20-50% of women experience dysfunction and a lower degree of libido.

In the process of O-shot, doctors withdraw an amount of blood to extract the growth factor of the body. After the extraction, it is separated and concentrated into the PRP using a proprietary technique. The PRP with growth factor is then injected into an area near the upper vagina and clitoris. The area where the doctor injects a growth factor is termed as O-spot. O-spot is a collection of structures that are responsible for the activation of the orgasm system. The process activates the unipotent cells of clitoral and vagina tissues to rejuvenate and improve the sexual functions

Benefits of O-shot for Women -

Some of the benefits of O-shot are -

● Increased arousal from clitoral stimulation
● Tighter introitus (opening of the vagina)
● Younger and smoother skin of the vulva
● Normal orgasm
● Increased sexual desire
● Decreased pain during sexual intercourse
● Increased ability to have a vaginal orgasm
● Resolved urinary incontinence
● Increased natural lubrication

Take Away -

Both procedures are performed under the effect of anesthesia to avoid pain and discomfort. Both have significant results and are safe. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor before going for these therapies.