Post Delivery Abdominal Fat – Ways To Stave It Off!

Post Delivery Abdominal Fat – Ways To Stave It Off!


By Dr. Inthu M, Gynaecology

It takes time for the body to fully recuperate from pregnancy. Especially for the lower abdomen, it takes time to recover from pregnancy. After the delivery, tummy looks rounder and squishier than a woman expected. The decrease in the tummy size might be slow, but it will be steady.

From the instant the baby is born, hormonal changes cause the tummy to reduce in size. All the cells in the body that swelled at the time of pregnancy will begin delivering their fluids in the appearance of sweat, vaginal secretions, and urine. And, the extra fat accumulated to nourish the baby will begin to burn off, especially if a woman is exercising and breastfeeding.

After giving birth, the mother might still have dark lines down the tummy known as stretch marks, as well as a linea nigra. The stretch marks are caused by pigmentation where the muscles of tummy have slightly separated and stretched to accommodate the growing baby. This pigmentation line generally fades after a few months of childbirth.

How Much Time Will It Take for the Belly to Shrink Back to its Usual Size?

The body might change its shape after pregnancy. It may be difficult to return to the exact pre-pregnancy shape or weight. Patience is the key.

The degree and speed of this tightening up are based on some factors which include the weight a woman gained at the time of pregnancy, the physical activity of the woman during the pregnancy and post the delivery, the shape of the body before the pregnancy, and the genes.

How to Reduce Fat Safely?

Breastfeeding might help in reducing the fat in the initial months after giving birth as extra calories are burned during the lactation period.

Apart from the natural processes, there are cosmetic surgeries available that may help in reducing the lower abdomen fat after delivery.

  • Cool Sculpting: It is a non-surgical way of contouring and managing the localized fat in the body. In this procedure, the freezing technology freezes the fat and ensures atleast 25% reduction in fat cells in the localized area. Mother can go for this method after three to six months of having the baby and breastfeeding. This method of fat reduction is effective in the long term along with maintaining the weight.
  • Tummy Tightening Regimen: This is also a non-surgical method of tightening the loose belly after the delivery. In this procedure, a micro-needle system is used to deliver the radio-frequency energy under the loose skin that works directly on the collagen layer and shrinks the loose skin on the target area. It can be started after three months of delivering the baby.

Take Away -

Pregnancy changes a lot in women, and evidently the appearance of the fat around the stomach after delivery. For this purpose, there are various methods, natural as well as non-surgical, to regain the previous shape of your body post-pregnancy.