Know More About Cancer & Its Homeopathic Cure!

Know More About Cancer & Its Homeopathic Cure!


By Dr. Sandeep Mishra, Homeopathy

According to 2018 report of American Cancer Society, in the United States, 15.5 million people are living with a history of cancer as of January 2016.

Cancer is a disease that results when cellular changes lead to uncontrolled growth and division of cells. Some types of cancer cause cells to divide and grow at a slower rate while others cause uncontrolled cell growth. Some may visible like tumors while others do not like leukemia.

The cells of the body have a specific function and fixed lifecycle. Cell death and the formation of a new cell are necessary for the body to function properly. However, disturbance in this natural phenomenon can lead to cancer.

The process of death of a cell is termed as Apoptosis. When the cell is not able to complete the process of Apoptosis, then the condition of the cell develops cancerous. Moreover, with the help of nutrients and oxygen, these cells develop and may lead to form tumors, impair the immune system, and prevent the body to function properly.

Causes of Cancer-

Cancer can be caused due to many reasons. Some preventable causes include:

  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Heavy consumption of alcohol
  • Obesity
  • Poor nutrition
  • Physical inactivity

There are also other causes that are not preventable, for example, age. According to the American Cancer Society, doctors diagnose 87% of cancer patients who are older than 50 years in the U.S.

Treatment of Cancer-

There are many ways to treat cancer. Scientists and researchers are working towards developing new medications with new technologies to treat and cure cancer.

In treating Cancer, Homeopathic treatment has helped in reducing symptoms and targets to reduce pain, improve immunity, improve energy, and general well-being. These remedies are also used to work on the side effects of cancer treatment like sores, nausea, infections, and hot flashes.

How Homeopathy Treat Cancer?

There are various homeopathic approaches for the treatment of Cancer. Most specialists combine these approaches for the treatment. In the first approach, the homeopathic remedies aim the tumor. Using this approach, the prime focus is to attack the tumor and reverse its development.

Another approach is used where homeopathic remedies are used to heal the eliminative channels of the individual such as liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, urinary tract, and others and boost the detoxification of the cells.

A classical approach is another type of homeopathic approach to treat cancer which is used to address the overall condition of the patient. The specialist takes into consideration the patient’s physical, emotional, and mental symptoms before picking up the best suitable alternative for the treatment.

Take Away-

Homeopathy is a medical branch which is based on plant, minerals, and natural substances for the remedies. It treats the tumor by working on the immune system, and emotional strength. It is not used in isolation but in combination with other remedies and diagnostic tests. One should not try homeopathic treatment for cancer without the supervision of any specialist.