Ayurvedic Approach To Combat Joint Pain!

Ayurvedic Approach To Combat Joint Pain!


By Dr. Tanmaya Acharya, Ayurveda

A structure in the animal or human body where two skeletal parts are fitted together is known as a joint. Adverse conditions such as injury or disease result in damage in joints and prove to be a hindrance with your movement and a large amount of pain is caused.

Conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, sprains, strains, gout, bursitis, and other injuries can result in painful joints. Surveys reveal that joint pain is a common problem. A majority complained of knee pain while others include shoulder and hip pain. However, this pain can affect any part of your body ranging from ankles to the neck. The frequency increases with increase in age. The effects can vary from slight irritation to debilitation while the duration varies from acute cases (few weeks) to few months (chronic). Physical therapy, medication or alternative treatments can be used to treat this form of pain, irrespective of joint pain.

The ayurvedic treatment to joint pain includes:

There are specific therapies like:

1. Churna sweda: It is an ayurveda technique of fomentation in which cotton bags filled with a hot a mixture of herbs are used to treat joint pain.

2. Janu basti: It is the most effective pain-relieving ayurvedic therapy for acute or chronic joint pain

There are many other such therapies in ayurveda to treat joint disorders.

There are many benefits of these therapies like increasing blood flow, pain relief, flexibility etc.