Low Sperm Count – Have Ayurveda For It!

Low Sperm Count – Have Ayurveda For It!


By Dr. Shashank Agrawal, Ayurveda

What is normal sperm count?
Concentration of sperm per ejaculate should be 39 million per ejaculate, sperm count less than 20 million per ejaculate is considered to oligospermia.


  1. Impairment in functioning of gland which produces sperms.
  2. In cases of vasectomy and trauma to testicles where there is obstruction to normal flow of sperm.
  3. Impairment in testicles where sperm production take place causing oligospermia.
  4. Abnormality in ducts which carry sperms.
  5. Varicocele
  6. Infection like STD
  7. Smoking, alcohol intake.
  8. Ejaculatory problems such as frequent ejaculation may be reason for low sperm count. Maintaining gap of 3 days is recommended.
  9. Undescended testis
  10. Certain medications which lessens sperm count, hormonal imbalance, obesity, stress
  11. Wearing too tight underpants, using laptop which releases radiations.
  12. Chemical abuse

What are symptoms of low sperm count?

  1. Low sexual drive
  2. Failed to maintain erection
  3. Swelling in testicle
  4. Signs of hormonal imbalance like less body hair growth.

How Ayurveda helps?
Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine which believes that herbal medicines in unadulterated form improves immunity and provide strength and will. The herbs are safe to use. In case of less sperm count Ayurveda helps in increasing sperm count production and number thereby increasing stamina thus maintaining health. It defines inherent principles of nature which helps to maintain health by keeping the individual’s body, mind, and spirit equilibrium with nature.

In Ayurveda healthy and fertile sperm is define as“shukramshuklamgurusnigdhammadhurambahalambahu| ghritamaakshikatailabham sadgarbhaya ||”

Which says the sperm which is white, sticky, and heavy, more in quantity is more fertile.
In Ayurveda we have a treatment carried which is called as Charaka in which we provide wide and effective range of treatment modality for oligospermia. Various Panchkarma theories, use of herbs, recipes and rejuvenation therapies are used to achieve quality of sperm.

Another separate branch which only deals with spermatogenesis and repairing defective semen along with sexual potencification called as vajikarna tantra which is an aphrodisiac medicine. This branch is recommended for men who are above 16 and below 70 for maintaining healthy semen and for maintaining optimum sexual activity.

Some popularly used herbs in Ayurveda are listed below

  1. Tribulus terrestris –It is herb which improves stamina and strength thus improving immunity and boosting self-esteem. This herb improves sperm quality and count.it increases sexual drive in men. Tribulus herb is used for prostate health and power thus improving erectile dysfunction.
  2. Asphatum-This herb helps in improving mental and physical stress. This herb is in used in past in treatment in case of loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation which is found to be effective.
  3. Withania somnifera- It is multiple benefit herb. It helps in cases of impotency, rheumatism, GIT disorders and stress.