Is Their Any Food That Prevents Calorie Intake?

Is Their Any Food That Prevents Calorie Intake?


By Dt. Deepanki Devi, Dietitian/Nutritionist

What are negative calorie foods?

The concept of consuming negative-calorie foods is catching up as a popular weight loss aid. According to sources, negative-calorie foods are certain food items which when consumed burn more calories than they contain. The theory behind calling certain foods negative-calorie is that they burn calories when consumed.

Some foods that can be classified as negative-calorie foods:

  1. Celery: This particular stick is made up of 75% water and 25% roughage which adds on very less calories to your body as compared to the number required to digest this particular food item.
  2. Broccoli: Low in calories, broccoli is an amazing super-food as it is packed with fibers, vitamins and minerals. They are also high in antioxidant content which classifies them as a negative-calorie food item.
  3. Tomatoes: Low in calorie content, this particular fruit is pretty effective in getting rid of calories which have piled up on your body over time.
  4. Grapefruit: This fruit is made up of 60% water and the rest is fiber. Other than filling you up and keeping hunger cravings at bay, this fruit also speeds up your weight loss process and helps you lose more calories than you consume.

The Verdict-

All these examples which claim to be negative-calorie foods aren’t so because no matter how low in calorie they are, they add some amount of calories to your body when consumed. The energy required to consume these foods cannot cancel the amount of calories present in these food items in any way.

There are no reputed research or studies conducted which can prove otherwise. Consuming these foods which are low in calories isn’t going to help in burning calories in any way. However, because they are low-calorie foods, they can prove to be a brilliant dietary option for weight loss.

Thus, negative calorie foods are more of a dietary gimmick than a weight loss aid.