Food & Drinks That Speed Up Aging and Make You Look Older!

Food & Drinks That Speed Up Aging and Make You Look Older!


By Dr. Jyotsna Deo, Dermatology

Ever wondered why you feel you are looking out of shape all of a sudden one fine morning? That might have something to do with your dietary regime if you are above the age of 25, as doctors suggest. There are foods and drinks that make your skin age faster than others and some might also disrupt your normal health. Here is a list of the food and drinks you might want to avoid if you want to retain that youthful appearance and look your age:

Lemonade: This might come as a surprise inclusion in the list, but doctors admit that lemon is responsible for the removal of the covering of the enamel in your teeth; the effect that other energy drinks, carbonated beverages and sugars have.

Alcohol: If you are one who cherishes more than a couple of alcoholic drinks on a regular basis, you might want to take it slow now. As alcohol disrupts the normal functioning of the liver, it significantly damages the skin as normally, it is the liver which is responsible for filtration of the toxins. The inability to filter toxins results in the formation of wrinkles and spots in the skin.

Packaged Potato Chips: Potato chips are rich in trans-fatty acids which, in turn, are responsible for the stimulation of interleukin - 6′ which is regarded as an agent that triggers inflammation of the immune system, a process which makes you look old. Also, the oils used in the preparations are a serious threat to your immunity and the cell respiration processes of the body; so it’s better to avoid them completely.

Red Meat: Red meat contains lots of radicals which move freely around your body after consumption. The free radicals result in serious damage to the active body cells, causing abnormal aging of your skin.

Spicy Foods: Regular intake of heavy spicy foods, especially by women who are undergoing menopause, is a bad idea according to doctors. Regular intake might result in dilation of the blood vessels, especially for menopausal women who have extremely sensitive blood vessels. This might result in your skin looking more aged than what it actually is.