Weight Loss Surgery – When Is It Required?

Weight Loss Surgery – When Is It Required?


By Dr. Ramen Goel, Bariatrics

Bariatric Surgery is a type of weight loss surgery usually used to treat obesity in people. The concept behind the surgery is to reduce the size of the stomach in order to get the desired result. However, there are certain factors which you must consider before planning to undergo weight loss surgery, they are –

1. Diet and exercise has been unsuccessful:

A person may consider bariatric surgery to lose weight if a sincere effort of diet and exercise has been unsuccessful in giving the desired results.

2. BMI greater than 32.5:

A person whose body mass index (BMI) is greater than 32.5 is considered to be suitable for weight loss surgery if he/she is suffering from an associated disease or is unhappy with quality of life.

3. Presence of various weight related complications:

Being overweight can lead to various disorders such as diabetes, sleep apnea, heart diseases, PCOD etc. Undergoing a bariatric surgery can assist in reducing symptoms of these complications in most patients.

4. Prepared to make post surgery lifestyle changes:

You need to make certain lifestyle changes such as consuming adequate proteins, vitamins supplements etc. These changes in eating habits are recommended to maintain optimal weight levels.

5. Need relief from joint pain:

Bariatric surgery may lead to relief from joint pain usually of knee joints and back.

6. Suffering from fertility problems due to obesity:

Weight loss surgeries may help improve ovulatory functions in obese women.