Ways To Attain Six Pack Abs With Cosmetic Treatment!

Ways To Attain Six Pack Abs With Cosmetic Treatment!


By Dr. Monisha Kapoor, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

With an increasing number of people joining the fitness bandwagon, the demand for a chiseled body with rippling abdominal muscle is at an all-time high. A ripped abdominal area indicates that the body fat levels are very low, something you would aim at if you are working out.

But if you are one of those people who in spite of sweating buckets at the gym seem to be nowhere close to lowering your body fat levels, here is a solution. Cosmetic surgeons have come up with a liposuction method to make your dream come true.

The process is known as abdominal etching.

What are the requirements?

To undergo this surgery, you need to be in good health and slightly muscular build. This surgery is not recommended for overweight people. Also, your body fat level should be lower than 20%.

How is it carried out?

The procedure begins with the surgeon suctioning fat precisely from deep and superficial layers of the abdomen. The entire procedure takes around 2 hours and is carried out under general anesthesia. The next involves the surgeon marking your abs muscles that need definition. Once the muscles are marked, the surgeon makes an incision and draws out the fat using a cannula.

When fat is removed from these layers then your abdominal muscles are accentuated. The results can vary between defined muscles to smooth appearance, depending on what you want.

The recovery phase -

You may be required to stay back at the hospital for a day. There will be some degree of pain in the abdominal area, which you can reduce with painkillers. It will take about 5-6 days until you return to your normal routine.

During the recovery phase, you should take care not to indulge in strenuous activities. You may also be required to wear a pressure corset to reduce the swelling.

Remember that you need to eat healthily and exercise regularly after the surgery to sustain the results.