Delayed Ejaculation – Symptoms, Causes And Ayurvedic Treatment!

Delayed Ejaculation – Symptoms, Causes And Ayurvedic Treatment!


By Dr. P K Jain, Sexology

Delayed Ejaculation or Impaired Ejaculation is the condition in which a man takes more than 30 minutes of penetrative intercourse to ejaculate despite achieving erection normally. In extreme cases, the patient does not achieve ejaculation at all. This problem can be temporary or long-term and needs medical treatment.
It is only called Delayed Ejaculation if it has been going on for some consecutive sessions.
However, Delayed ejaculation (DE) once or twice is common and not a problem.

There are four broad categories of Delayed Ejaculation: 

● Lifelong: When the problem has existed ever since sexual maturity.
● Acquired: When the symptoms started showing after a phase of normal ejaculation.
● Generalized: When DE persists irrespective of the time, place, partner, or mood.
● Situational: When the condition expresses itself only in certain situations, like with a certain partner, or in a particular place.

Many of the causes are psychological. The common causes are:

● An elevated sense of control over the self.
● Fear of pregnancy.
● Performance anxiety.
● Depression that results in partial loss of libido where erection is not affected.
● Physical and mental exhaustion.
● A side effect of a medication like diuretics, antipsychotics, antidepressants, or blood pressure and anti-seizure medication.
● Neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease.
● Pelvic nerve injury.
● Prostate surgery.
● Hormonal imbalance like hypothyroidism or hypogonadism.
● Birth defects.
● Alcoholism.
● Retrograde ejaculation (backward flow of the semen into the bladder).
● Excessive masturbation – Excessive masturbation drains testosterones, leading to DE. Too little masturbation makes a man unable to last long enough. But excessive masturbation causes irritation that might hinder with ejaculation. Excessive masturbation might also condition the man to ejaculate under circumstances and a pace available only when alone.

For some, DE is not even a problem. If it causes no physical discomfort to the man and his partner and helps them enjoy coitus longer, it is not even a problem. But a doctor is required when:

● It causes physical discomfort or pain in the man with DE or his partner.
● If ejaculation is not achieved at all.
● If it does not help the sex life with the current partner.
● If it causes psychological issues like feelings of inadequacy for either partner.
● If there are other psychological problems or medicinal side effects related to DE.

Treatment involves medication for the underlying physical causes. Psychotherapy is necessary for psychological causes. However, Ayurvedic medicines are also used to treat this problem effectively.
According to Sexual Medicine study in 2017, men who used Ayurvedic medicine noticed a ray of hope and significant improvement time to ejaculate during sex. Ayurvedic treatment can be used for anxiety, depression, libido enhancement, hormone rebalance, or overall ease of the idea of ejaculation.

Ayurvedic treatment has minimum side effects. However, self-medication is strictly forbidden. The quantity of Ayurvedic ingredients, the frequency, and method of consuming the medication, everything needs to be controlled by a certified practitioner.