Tips To Prevent Pigmentation After Pimples!

Tips To Prevent Pigmentation After Pimples!


By Dr. Vijata Neharkar, Cosmetic Physician

Sometimes excessive oil gets trapped and stuck in the pores of your skin. If this persists, it leads to the eruption of pimples, an extremely uncomfortable and nagging problem that plagues, both men and women indiscriminately. The most distressing part about pimples apart from their unavoidable presence on the face is the mark they inevitably leave behind, the remnants which refuse to disappear. Pigmentation after pimples is a common phenomenon, one that often requires medical intervention to remove them. However, there are various ways by which you can avoid pigmentation after pimples, some of them are: 

1. Sunscreen: The benefits of sunscreen require little introduction. They not only protect the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays, but they also help in fading away from the marks left behind by pimples. It is strongly recommended that if you want to accelerate the process of recuperation, you must make it a point to apply sunscreen daily without fail.

2. Exfoliation: This refers to a procedure that removes the covering of the old skin and brings to the fore the fresh layer of skin. With increasing age and growing skin problems, exfoliation has emerged as the most preferred choice for most women. In fact, there are multiple ways, by which one can exfoliate one’s skin. Depending on your convenience, you can go for scrubbing or a thorough washing of the face known as a washcloth. There is also another method known as chemical exfoliation that works better and more efficiently than the other methods. By removing the old layer of the skin, exfoliation ensures complete removal of the pigmentation left behind by pimples.

3. Medicines: Sometimes the intensity of the pigmentation marks on the skin may necessitate the medical intervention. If other methods fail or you wish for a speedy recovery, prescription drugs are always a nice option. At the same time, those medicines, which have retinoids (compounds with effects to those of Vitamin A) can also be availed of, if need be.

4. Skin Lighteners: As the name suggests, skin lighteners help in a gradual fading away of the dark spots on the skin. There are several skin lighteners like kojic acid, mulberry extract, liquorice extract and primarily vitamin C, which significantly lighten the skin and help in doing away with the marks.

5. Lifestyle changes: Avoid picking of pimples, will relieve from adding on any further pigmentation scars on the skin. Drinking more water will also aid in reducing the pimples and keeping skin clear of all toxins.