Libido – How To Enhance It?

Libido – How To Enhance It?


By Dr. Imran Khan, Sexology

Complications in libido can cause problems in having sexual intercourse. Late arousal is one such problem. In addition to the male hormone testosterone, other psychological factors may affect libido in men. Lower levels of testosterone in the body bring reduce libido in men, it also increases the chances of diabetes and heart diseases.

The various natural methods to increase libido in men are:

1. Getting proper amount of sleep

Sleeping for less than six hours has a negative effect on the testosterone levels in your body. The level of testosterone in the body declines if the body is not rested well.

2. Lift weights

Strength training has been reported to boost testosterone levels in the body. Regular strength training workouts strengthen the muscles which increase testosterone production in the body.

3. Reduce stress

Stress has a negative impact on testosterone levels in the body. Too much stress causes a surge in cortisol production which brings down testosterone production in the body; thus leading to a reduction in libido.

4. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol can cause havoc on your libido, as it causes testosterone levels to drop significantly. Restrict alcohol intake to avoid the reduction in libido.

5. Consume fish oil

Consumption of fish oil reduces inflammation, which, in turn, increases levels of good cholesterol in the body. Good cholesterol or HDL is one of the main constituents of testosterone.

6. Lose fat

Obesity impairs testosterone levels in the body. It is recommended to lose in order to enhance testosterone secretion and thus, libido.