What Should You Know About Root Canal Treatment?

What Should You Know About Root Canal Treatment?


By Dr. Suneet Khandelwal, Dentistry

A root canal treatment is used to save your teeth which have become decayed or infected. The basic procedure of the root canal treatment involves removing the entire pulp followed by cleaning and then finally sealing the interiors of your tooth. Here are the situations in which you would need a root canal: 

When do you need a root canal?

The reason why you would need a root canal is that the nerve tissues of your tooth may be infected by caries or by periodontal infections or damaged by any means like trauma, wear and tear of tooth structure. This means that the bacteria begin multiplying inside the tooth chamber causing the soft tissue (pulp) of the tooth to break down, thus resulting in mild to severe pain, sometimes associated with swelling and pus formation. To treat such infection or damage to the pulp, you would need a root canal.


1. X-ray:

The dentist will first figure out the shape of the root canal to be done and checking for infections in the bones next to the teeth which require the root canal treatment.

2. Anaesthesia:

Most of the time local anesthesia is required and it will be given by your dentist. It will give you a numb feeling and make the procedure painless.

3. Isolation:

The area where the root canal is performed has to be kept dry and saliva free and this is achieved by inserting a rubber dam.

4. Drilling of an access hole:

To make access to the pulp and its complete system an opening is made in the tooth, through which infected pulp, along with nerve tissues, debris is removed.

5. Cleaning:

The dentist will then keep cleaning and shaping the space of pulp until he feels the root has been adequately cleaned.

6. Filling:

The dentist will then fill the root canal space over which the permanent filling is done to restore all the damaged part of the tooth.