Know More About Chronic Renal Failure & Its Treatment In Siddha!

Know More About Chronic Renal Failure & Its Treatment In Siddha!


By Dr. Puthumaivinayagam Jeyaprakash Narayanan, Siddha

Renal Failure or Kidney Failure occurs due to the damaged kidney function in which the organ (kidney) fails to filter the metabolic waste properly from the blood. Impaired kidneys let the waste build up in the body and blood which sickens the person. This is a gradual process and takes years to develop into Chronic Renal Failure.

Nephrons are the basic unit of the structure of the kidney. When the kidney is damaged, some of the Nephrons stop working properly and do not filter the waste. However, healthy Nephrons can filter the waste for some time, but the continuous damage leads to the destruction of more Nephrons over a period of time.

Symptoms – 

The symptoms of Chronic Renal Failure are not noticeable until it gets worse. Still, one should not ignore minor symptoms if they persist for longer periods. Some of the common symptoms of Chronic Renal Failure include:

 • Nausea

• Vomiting

• Fatigue and weakness

• Sleep problems

• Swollen ankles and feet

• Poor appetite

• Muscle cramping

• Itchy and dry skin

• Frequent need to urinate

Siddha and Chronic Renal Failure - In most of the cases, Chronic Renal Failure is caused due to some other disease or condition which leads to the damage of the kidney. These conditions and diseases include diabetes, high blood pressure, heart, and blood vessel (cardiovascular) disease, obesity, etc. Other risk factors that cause damage to the kidney include smoking, alcohol consumption, abnormal kidney structure, being African-American, Native American or Asian American, family history of kidney disease, old age, etc. This is why, to manage Chronic Renal Failure, it is important to treat these principal causes. Doctors may also advise kidney transplant or dialysis to patients with end-stage disease.

There are many treatments available in medical science. However, Siddha is a new approach to manage kidney damage. Using the Siddha system of medicine, one can reverse kidney failure, either completely or partly. With this medical system, increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and the frequency of dialysis can also be minimized. Therefore, Siddha Medicines can have a significant therapeutic impact in all the stages of Chronic Kidney Failure. Siddha herbal medicines contain herbs that protect the kidney and liver. They prevent the collection of waste and help in eliminating waste through the kidney. Siddha also advises changing the diet with low sodium intake including salt and suitable consumption of pulses, fruits, and vegetables. Moreover, potassium, sodium, and calcium-containing foods should not be consumed in excess.

There are three major herbs used in Siddha Medicine to prevent the rise in levels of blood urea and serum creatinine and to improve the functioning of the kidney. These are Musa paradisiaca which is used as a food supplement, Phyllanthus amarus which is consumed as a cold processed extract, and Orthosiphon stamineus which is used as a decoction herbal tea. Neermulli kudineer and Punarnava also are effective.

Take Away –

Siddha system uses herbs for the treatment of Chronic Renal Failure by protecting kidney and liver and treating the underlying causes of the problem.