Dry Eyes Syndrome – Diagnosis And Treatment!

Dry Eyes Syndrome – Diagnosis And Treatment!


By Dr. Ravi Thadani, Ophthalmology

Dry eye syndrome is typically a chronic ailment, which remains in a progressive state. Based on the severity and cause, dry eyes may not be cured completely. However, in most cases, a person suffering from dry eyes can deal with it through treatment which is meant to provide greater comfort to the eyes, sharpen the person’s vision, thereby leading to reduced symptoms.

When tears fail to effectively lubricate your eyes, then you may experience

  1. Sensitivity to light
  2. A blurred vision
  3. Pain
  4. Redness
  5. Itching
  6. Tears in excess flowing from your eyes

Treatment for Dry Eyes-

1. Ointments or artificial tear drops:

Artificial tear drops are often used as a chief cure for dry eyes. If you’re suffering from chronic dry eyes, it is advised to continue using the drops even when you feel that your eyes are fine, so as to provide adequate lubrication to your eyes. In case, your eyes dry out during the sleep, a thicker lubricant, like a medicated cream/gel at night should be used.

2. Brief punctual occlusion:

Sometimes it is important to shut the ducts that drain away tears from your eyes. This can be done for a brief period using a dissolving plug which is inserted into the tear drain of your lower eyelid to find out if the permanent plugs can offer a sufficient supply of tears.

3. Restasis:

The FDA-approved Restasis eye drop is used for a persistent dry eye treatment. This eye drop, at present, is the only prescription for helping your eyes to augment the production of tears, but only with regular use.

4. Lipi flow:

It is a medical device which makes use of both heat and pressure on your eyelids to clear clogged glands. Oil, which forms the tear film, is produced by these glands. The function of the oil is to lubricate your eyes and stop the tears from evaporating