Pain Management And Trauma Rehabilitation!

Pain Management And Trauma Rehabilitation!


By Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Pain Management

Some injuries to the body can result in impairment of the body functioning. They can also disrupt the proper functioning of the brain. There can be changes in your behavior and mental stability after the injury and that can lead to greater impairment of body functioning by disrupting signal flow from the brain itself.

The trauma can range from severe to mild, so rehabilitation of each patient is unique. So, you have to undergo either a Computerized Tomographic (CT) or Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI) scan to understand the extent of the brain trauma.

Usually, psychologists divide rehabilitation after traumatic injury into three parts. Here is the three-parted rehabilitation process:

1. Inpatient Rehabilitation

The injury is stabilized by using medications and surgical procedures. The rehab team then implements and designs the rehabilitation procedure for you after assessing your condition. Then, the next stage of community integration begins.

2. Community Integration

After you have been monitored and treated successfully, you can be re-entered into the community. You no longer need to be under constant medical care then but you have to visit the medical professionals every week or so, so that your progress can be monitored regularly.

Re-entrance into a community is done through a few channels, like:

1) Independent Living

2) Hiring a personal assistant to care for the first few months

3) Regular visits to physical, psychological and vocational therapists, if required.

4) There must be a plan for medical appointments following the discharge from the hospital.

3. Community Integrated Rehabilitation(CIR)

This is primarily a type of extended rehabilitation after community integration; also, the home environment, as well as your interaction with the community, is modified or tailored to your requisites. This will continue as long as medical professionals see fit to keep you under observation.