Piles – How Can Unani Handle It?

Piles – How Can Unani Handle It?


By Dr. N S S Gauri, Unani

A condition when tiny outgrowths are formed in the gastrointestinal region or anus is known as piles. Anybody can suffer from this painful disorder as such a condition arises only if an individual follows unhealthy daily food habits, faulty lifestyle or if he or she has constipation. Excessive stress is also another factor for the occurrence of piles. A person can experience intolerable pain due to piles, especially at the time of the passing of stool.

Though people do not consider piles to be a severe health issue, those who suffer from this condition knows how difficult it is to withstand such pain and irritation. Unani treatment or Unani medicines are highly beneficial in treating and dealing with piles. It is natural, cost-effective and also with no side- effects.

Piles treatment with Unani medicines
Effective paste for external application: One of the most effective and natural remedies is by preparing a mixture of catechu and soap nut. For trying this treatment, you need to grind equal amounts of soap nut or reetha and catechu for forming a powder. Just half gram of this natural powder needs to be applied on piles. Similarly, another paste is also helpful in the treatment of piles which has to be prepared by grinding hemp or bhang leaves, and Persian Lilac or Bakain leaves. After this, the appropriately mixed paste must be applied for providing quick relief from such intolerable pain. This particular medicine of Unani treatment is known to give extensive relief to people who are suffering from piles.

Remedy using neem leaves: The importance and significance of Neem leaves are known to almost all people. Besides other helpful features of those leaves, one more advantage of neem leaves is that they are also a part of Unani treatment for treating piles. Firstly, you need to wash nearly 200 gram of neem leaves properly and then extract juice from them. After the extraction is done, you have to boil the juice and then strain it. The next step is to mix barberry leaves’ extract with the extracted neem juice. After cooling down the mixture, you need to make small sized pills. Experts advise consuming a total number of 2 pills twice each day.
Butter, camphor & galls to the rescue: Another effective means of getting rid of the pain due to piles is by applying a combined mixture of camphor, butter, and galls. For preparing this mixture, 4 gram of Mazu or galls, 12-gram butter and about 2 gram of camphor is required. The first step is to grind camphor and galls and then mix it with butter. Applying this mixture for getting relief from piles is actually beneficial.

You can also try Sootshekhar Ras 1 tablet and Arshoghna Avleh 10 gm twice a day for effective treatment of piles.

There are very effective remedies available in Unani for piles treatment. It is best to consult an Unani practitioner and follow his or her advice to avail relief and cure.