An Overview About Lung & Mediastinal Tumours!

An Overview About Lung & Mediastinal Tumours!


By Dr. Prasenjit Chatterjee, Oncology

Lungs and Mediastinal Cancers are cell growth in the chest that causes cancer. The tumor masses grow with cells that multiply uncontrollably and do not die like natural, healthy cells. However, both types of cancer are separate and are located in the different areas of the chest.

Lung Cancer-
Lungs are two spongy organs in the human body that filter the inhaled air to get oxygen that is used in the blood circulation system. The cancerous cells growing in the lungs causes lung cancer. Lung cancer is one of the fatal forms of cancer that may lead to the death of the patient.

Causes of Lung Cancer-
The most common cause of lung cancer is smoking. However, it has been studied that people who do not smoke also getting lung cancer from environmental factors and lifestyle habits. Some of the common cause for the development of lung cancer are:
● Smoking habits.
● Pollution in the air.
● Inhaling the CFCs contaminated air due to prolonged hours of using air conditioners/refrigerators etc.
● Passive smoking.
● Exposure to gases that can cause mutation in the lung cells.
Symptoms of Lung Cancers
Early lung cancer signs and symptoms are difficult to detect. But when lung cancer progresses following symptoms are observed in the patients:
● Uncontrollable coughing
● Blood in cough
● Trouble breathing
● Chest pain
● Headache
● Bone pain
● Losing weight
If you are facing these symptoms persists then you should consult an oncologist.

Mediastinal Cancer-

Mediastinal Cancer is cancer in the chest area where the lungs separate. The growth of cancer cells occurs in the chest and may infect other parts as well. Mediastinal Cancer is located in the vulnerable position of the human body. It has lungs on either side, spinal cord behind, and breast bone in the front. Hence, there are high chances that Mediastinal Cancer may infect other areas of the human body.

Causes of Mediastinal Cancer-
Mediastinal Cancer is mostly due to the growth of the germ cells in the mediastinum. Some of the common cause of Mediastinal Cancer are:
● Multiplication of germ cells called neoplasms
● Lymphoma
● Thyroid mass in Mediastinal area
● Cysts in respiratory organs
● Aortic aneurysm
Since the cancer is located in the mediastinum, most of the time doctors fail to detect the Mediastinal Cancer in the patients. But some of the notable symptoms of Mediastinal Cancer are:
● Cough
● Chest pain
● Unable to breathe properly
● heaviness in chest
● Night Sweats
● Blood in cough
● Pain in the center of the chest
● Swelling in chest
● Noisy respiration
The lung and Mediastinal Cancer are not easy to diagnose because of the nature of the symptoms. However, the doctors perform Chest X-Ray as the initial step of the diagnosis and determine the presence of a mass in the chest. In some cases, doctors also use CT scan MRI to perform the biopsy in the patient. If the doctors determine that there is a presence of mass tumor in the patient, he may suggest surgery for the removal of tumors. The invasive method is necessary since the lung and Mediastinal Cancer can affect other parts of the body.

Take Away-
Lung and Mediastinal Cancer are chronic conditions to the human body. This is why it is always advisable to consult a doctor as soon as a person notices any symptoms.