Abusive Relationship – Know How Marriage Counselling Can Help!

Abusive Relationship – Know How Marriage Counselling Can Help!


By Manobal Foundation Rehabilitation, Multi Speciality

Marriage Counseling is a type of psychotherapy that is beneficial to resolve fights and conflicts among couples. Many times it helps to improve the relationship and the marriage. The therapy is provided by people who have the necessary expertise in the field.

Why Seek A Marriage Counselor?

There may be various reasons why a couple would seek a marriage counselor, few of them are -

1. Communication Problem -

Often time, couples face the problem of communicating with each other. One of them might not be able to reach out to the other. In such cases, speaking to a marriage counselor helps immensely to resolve the situation.

2. Sexual Difficulties -

This is one of the most common problems which couples face in marriage though it is always least talked about. Speaking to a marriage counselor about it helps the partner to overcome the problem and also seek for a possible solution.

3. Infidelity -

Infidelity by a partner has become a major reason for irresoluble differences between partners in a marriage. It has also emerged as the main reason for divorce; however timely intervention by a marriage counselor can resolve the situation.

4. Domestic Abuse -

A marriage counselor can be approached not only by both the partners but also by only one of them. In the case of domestic abuse, the victim can seek the assistance of a marriage counselor, who can, in turn, help the victim to decide on the course of action.

Couples approach a marriage counselor in the anticipation of certain results.

Some Benefits of Marriage Counseling are -

1. Learn Skills -

Working or talking to a therapist enables the couple to learn the skills and expertise to make their marriage work better. The counselor with the couple analyses both the positive and the negative aspects of the marriage and helps them to trace the main reason for the ensuing conflict.

2. Solutions to Abuses -

If one of the partners is coping with any substance abuse or mental illness, the marriage counselor can take the help of other doctors and provide better solutions.

3. Arrive at a Decision -

Apart from helping the couples to get back together and mending marriages, marriage counseling also helps couples to realize that ending the marriage is the only possible solution. A marriage counselor helps couples to arrive at this particular, painful but necessary solution.