Piles And Its Surgical Treatments!

Piles And Its Surgical Treatments!


By Sathe Hospital, Multi Speciality

Proctology refers to the study of the structure and diseases of the anus, rectum, and sigmoid colon. Laser surgery in proctology field enables excellent cutting, limiting thermal damage to the surrounding tissues reducing the post-operative pains. Piles are also called hemorrhoids. They are swellings in blood vessels found in or around the rectum and anus. Piles manifest symptoms like bleeding after passing stool, itchy bottom, hemorrhoid mass hangs out of the anus that pushes back in after passing of stool (prolapse), a mucus discharge, soreness, redness and swelling around the anus. Proctology conditions like piles might not be life-threatening, but they’re associated with poor quality of life and embarrassment.

Laser Treatment for Piles -
Piles are classified into grades based on their severity.

  • Grade one is the initial stage where a person has bleeding or itching but no prolapse. At this stage, conservative measures are recommended.
  • In grade two, the mass of hemorrhoids begins prolapse during defecation but goes back in, on completion of the act.
  • In Grade three, the prolapsed haemorrhoidal mass does not go back on its own, and manually pushed back. LHP is recommended for early stages of Grade 3; however, stapler surgery is recommended for advanced stages.

The LHP process -
A laser fiber is passed through the anal opening and laser energy is applied to the haemorrhoidal mass. The controlled emission of laser energy reaches the submucosa zone, causing the haemorrhoidal mass to shrink. Fibrosis reconstruction generates new connective tissue, ensuring the mucosa adheres to the underlying tissue preventing the recurrence of prolapse.

Benefits -

  • Reduced pain, faster healing, higher outcome, and shorter procedures.
  • Optimal treatment and outcomes.
  • Presets enabling ease of use improved surgical control and accurate dosage.
  • Requires no incisions and suturing.
  • The procedure leaves no foreign material in the body.