Sound Therapy Through Chakra Sets 7!

Sound Therapy Through Chakra Sets 7!


By Dr. Hetalkumar.B.Doshi, Acupressure

The word chakra is basically a Sanskrit term that means, wheel, as chakras are seen as spinning wheels of light by all those who possess the ability to see subtle energy. These are found in many traditions which include Hindu and Tibetan. While the chakras have remained incorporated in a number of spiritual practices, still their existence seems to be based upon the awareness of energy rather than upon any religion.

There are seven main chakras that are located centrally both in the front as on the back side of the body. The following are the seven chakras:

  • The base chakra is the one, which is located at the bottom of the trunk, is mainly involved with the physical process that helps in elimination and the organs which tend to work with that function. This chakra is associated with the energy of survival.
  • The second chakra, known as sacral chakra is located around three inches below one’s navel, associated with the sexual energy, reproductive organs and with most of the life’s force.
  • The third chakra, also known as navel chakra, is located at the navel and a little above than that. The energy related to this is associated with digestion and the digestive organs.
  • The heart chakra, which is the fourth one, is located right at the center of the chest. On the physical aspect, it works with the lungs and the heart. On the emotional front, it helps with the energy of love and compassion.
  • The fifth one is the throat chakra. It is located at the throat, right at the base of the neck. It is associated with communication and speech.
  • Brow chakra is the sixth one, situated in the center of the forehead, associated with imagination and psychic abilities.
  • The seventh and final one is the crown chakra. It is located at the top of the head, which helps to induce the spiritual energy inside the body.

Sounds of the Chakra
The different ways through which the chakras get resonated:

  • The most popular ones refer to the use of vowels and pronunciation of mantras.
  • The use of vowels is highly effective in providing the right kind of balance to the chakras. There are quite a number of different systems through which Sacred Vowels can help in balancing the chakras.
  • One of the methods to resonate the chakras is by the use of the Bija Mantras, which are said to balance and align the chakras. There are certain variations that exist with all the systems of using sound.
  • Each and every chakra in the tradition of the Vedas is also associated with a definite element.