IVF – Know Hidden Facts About It!

IVF – Know Hidden Facts About It!


By Genesis Fertility And Surgical Center, IVF Speciality

IVF has become an increasingly popular and preferred method of having a baby.However, the whole experience can be harrowing if you are unaware of these fundamentals of IVF -

1. Standard IVF is time-consuming
Conventionally, the IVF method is time-consuming, and requires great persistence and patience. The entire process which involves the following steps- ovulation induction, egg retrieval, fertilization and embryo transfer – can take up to 4-5 weeks to be accomplished. However, you may or may not get the desired results.

2. Types of IVF
There are different options associated with the IVF treatment depending on your place of residence and the kind of clinic you are seeking help from. The treatment timeline may range from days to weeks depending on how much time it takes for you to conceive, and the process may be classified depending on the dosage of your medications.

3. Cost factor
The cost of IVF depends on the kind of treatment option you are opting for, the clinic where you are undergoing the treatment and a couple of other factors. Since IVFs are more or less suitable for every patient who wants to opt for it, you will need to ask your fertility specialist or doctor to breakdown the cost. Usually, in India the treatment cost roughly varies somewhere between Rs.1 – 1.25 lakh per cycle.

3. Age factor
Fertility in both men and women normally start to decline as they age. However, fertility in women begins to decrease usually at the age of 35, and by the time they turn 45 there are very few chances for a successful result of an IVF.

4. Multiple treatment cycles
One cycle of IVF takes about 4-5weeks, and there’s a chance that it may not yield positive results on the very first attempt. Do not give up all your hopes because that is not unusual. Therefore in order to conceive successfully after the treatment, you may have to go for a second cycle.

5. Triplets or twins
In order to increase the probability of implantation, the doctor may transfer 5-7 embryos in the female uterus. If more than one of these embryos are ready to grow and develop into a baby, then you could have multiple births.

6. Proper consultation
It is important that you go through proper consultation with your doctor before undergoing treatment. You will have to go through a few tests before your doctor monitors the condition and determines if you are fit enough to go for an IVF. The success rate of IVF is evidently positive and usually, 2 out of every 3 patients get pregnant successfully on the very first attempt.

7. Alternate ways
IVF can be physically and emotionally draining for some people. In case IFV fails to work for you, you should not lose hope. There are alternative options to look for such as surrogacy and adoption.

You should keep in mind that there are a number of factors which affect fertility such as genetic issues and lifestyle habits. Hence it is important to seek advice from your doctor and make some necessary lifestyle changes before opting for an IVF.