Root Canal Treatment – Know About Its Procedure!

Root Canal Treatment – Know About Its Procedure!


By Dr. Priyanka Basu, Dentistry

A root canal treatment is used to save your teeth which have become decayed or infected. The basic procedure of the root canal treatment involves removing the nerve of the tooth as well as the pulp and then finally sealing and cleaning the interiors of your tooth. Here are the situations in which you would need a root canal:

When do you need a root canal?

The reason why you would need a root canal is that the nerve tissues of your tooth may be damaged. This means that the bacteria begin multiplying in the tooth chamber causing the tooth to break down, thus resulting in infection. To avoid an infection, you would need a root canal.


1. X-ray:

The dentist will first figure out the shape of the root canal to be done by checking for infections in the bones next to the teeth which require the root canal treatment.

2. Anaesthesia:

Local anaesthesia will be given and an anesthesiologist will most probably not be needed as your dentist will be competent in the procedure.

3. Rubber Dam:

The area where the root canal is performed has to be kept dry and saliva-free and this is achieved by inserting a rubber dam.

4. Drilling of an access hole:

This is when the decayed tissue, debris nearby and bacteria are removed from the teeth completely.

5. Cleaning:

The dentist will then keep filing until he feels the root has been adequately cleaned.