Stroke Patients – Can Speech Therapy Help?

Stroke Patients – Can Speech Therapy Help?


By Punjab Optical House, Speech Therapy

A stroke is a brain attack that can happen to anyone and at any time. It happens when the flow of blood is cut off from reaching and supplying adequate blood to the brain. And when this happens, the brain cells start dying just because of lack of oxygen in that area of the brain. It can be taken care of while regularly practising speech therapy. Damage in the brain due to stroke can also cause a disturbance in speaking properly. This condition is called ‘Aphasia’. Aphasia is basically an impairment of language which happens due to the damage in the brain with a stroke. If someone is suffering from Aphasia due to Stroke, then they can greatly benefit from Speech Therapy exercises.

Speech Therapy Exercises

There are many speech therapy exercises that can help overcome the speaking problem. In the case of Aphasia, these exercises can come in handy to get over the language impairment. Constant practice, preferably in front of a mirror, is advised to master this.

Here are some of the speech therapy exercises that Stroke patients can find useful:

Tongue in-and-outs

Stick the tongue out and then hold it for 2 seconds, pull it back in. Hold for 2 seconds and then repeat the same process.

Tongue side-to-side

Open mouth and move the tongue to the right and touch the corner of the mouth. Hold for 2 seconds, then touch the left corner. Hold for 2 seconds and then repeat the process.

Tongue up-and-down

Open the mouth and stick the tongue out, then reach the tongue towards the nose. Hold for 2 seconds and then reach the tongue towards the chin. Hold for 2 seconds and repeat.

Say cheese!

To help improve the movement and control of the lips, stand in front of the mirror and practice smiling. Smile and then relax. Keep on doing this as much as one can.

Practice Kissy Face

When the person is done with those smiling faces, move onto making some kissy faces by puckering the lips. Pucker the lips together and relax. All these above practices are to be practised in front of the mirror so that one can have the proper and visual feedback of one’s practice sessions. These feedbacks provide fuel for the brain. This is very useful for patients suffering from Stroke.

Consonant and Vowel Pairing Repetition

● Take a consonant that one faces problems with and try to pair with all the vowels (a, e, i, o, u). ● For example, if one faces trouble with the sound, then practise saying “ha, he, hi, ho, hu”.

● Try to repeat all the consonant sounds that one faces problems over and over again.

Exercise with Word Therapy Apps

● If someone suffers from Aphasia, then it is a great idea to try using speech therapy apps.

● These apps assess the ability and accordingly provide exercises to target one’s area.

These are some of the best speech therapy exercises one should practice repeatedly and constantly. And this is how the brain recovers. If one has trouble getting started because one can’t speak at all, then he/she must try singing therapy, which is a great substitute for it.