Non Surgical Scar Removal Treatment Post Delivery!

Non Surgical Scar Removal Treatment Post Delivery!



By Dr. Inthu M, Gynaecology

The post-pregnancy body differs from the pre-pregnancy a lot. Women who went under the process of delivering the baby recently or it has been many years, the change in the body seem to be permanent. Pregnancy may cause your body bulge out of proportion and depending upon the delivery type, your body may incorporate other changes as well.

Restoring your body to your pre-pregnancy period may seem like a difficult task but there are several non-surgical methods that can help you improve your pregnancy marks and scars. But before discussing the treatments, let us understand the major body scars arises during pregnancy.

Stretch Marks -

All those months of constant bulging of your belly to accommodate the growing baby inside you may lead to stretching of your skin in a short span. The skin is the largest organ in the body and continues to grow, but an increase of fat or muscle under the skin or due to some medical condition may result in a sudden stretch of your skin.

The restored version of the skin after losing the sudden growth of muscle or fat or pregnant belly may lead to the formation of stretch marks that are visual in the form of white or black lines, known as dark stretch marks.

Cesarean -

At the time of the delivery, there are two methods in which the delivery is performed depending upon the medical condition of the mother as well as the baby. These days the doctors usually perform the C-section method for the delivery because of the critical medical condition of the mother as well as the child. The cesarean involves the c-section incision in the abdominal region to take out the baby from the womb. The incision, after the delivery, is stitched closed. This leaves the stitches marks in the abdominal region as a reminder of the delivery of the baby for the mother.

These two major pregnancy-related scars are difficult to deal with. These scars do not fade away on its own even after the healing process. There are certain non-surgical ways to improve the visibility of these scars.

Laser Therapy -

This type of treatment uses the laser or light that reduces the redness of the scar.  Also, the blemished scars are treated by removing the top layer of the skin and inducing the collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin.

Treatments -

Treatments include mesotherapy, carboxytherapy and radiofrequency.

Certain over the counter ointments such as Cocoa Butter Cream, scar treating oils such as Vitamin E, and self-adhesive foam strips (help in flattening the c-section scars and help in lightening the redness) can be used for decreasing the visibility of these scars.

Take Away -

The post-pregnancy marks are difficult to tackle. However, there are certain non-surgical treatment methods that involve in making these scars less visible and decreasing the visible intensity over the period of time. Make sure that you consult the experienced doctor before undergoing any kind of treatment.