Skin Rashes – Know Forms Of Them In Babies!

Skin Rashes – Know Forms Of Them In Babies!


By Dr. Venu Kumari, Dermatology

Most infant rashes and other newborn skin conditions are very common occurrences and you should not be worried much as the symptoms normally disappear in a week or two.

Here are some common observations:

1. Baby acne usually in the form of pimples on your baby’s forehead, cheeks and nose

2. Very tiny white spots on the face called milia and on the gums and palate of the mouth, called Epstein pearls

3. Harmless red blotches with tiny bumps called erythema toxicon

4. A rash known as pustular melanosis common among black infants

5. Mottling ( a lacy, blotchy rash) on the limbs and torso

6. Heat rash, often referred to as prickly heat or rash miliaria, especially when the weather is hot

7. Diaper rash on a baby’s bottom or genitals

8. Rash caused by dropping or spitting in and around the mouth

9. Red specks of blood called petechiae

10. Scaly and crusty layer skin known as cradle cap on the top of a baby’s head

Most of the above mentioned rashes are not harmless at all and they do not last for more than a fortnight. There are however certain cases when symptoms may persist for a number of weeks and this could be a sign of infection. In such cases, you may need to contact your doctor.

The risk factors include:

1. Intense pain or swelling in the concerned area

2. Viral fever

3. Swollen lymph nodes in the groin, neck and armpit regions

4. Excessive growth of pus-filled blisters