Tennis Elbow – Know How Helpful Can Physical Therapy Be!

Tennis Elbow – Know How Helpful Can Physical Therapy Be!


By Dr. Swethaa, Physiotherapy

Due to over activity and strain, sometimes the muscles in the forearm and tendons become damaged and sore leading to a condition called tennis elbow. If you suffer from tennis elbow, moving your elbow can be excruciatingly painful. However, there are exercises that you can do in order to deal with such a condition. Few of them are -

1. Stretching of the Forearm -
This is an extremely important and effective way to overcome tennis elbow. With continuous stretching of the forearm, the blood flow is increased which thereby quickens the healing process.

2. Use a Dumbbell -
Using a lightweight dumbbell and exercising with it can yield positive results. You must hold the dumbbell in the hand and slowly move the wrist up and down for a considerable period of time. This is particularly helpful in treating the damaged tendons.

3. Stretching of the Triceps -
Stretching your triceps helps to reduce the stiffness that accompanies a tennis elbow. You must bend the stiff arm and touch the back while the good arm must be used to exert some pressure. If repeated daily, this exercise proves to be very helpful.

4. Ball Squeezing Exercise -
There are small, inflated balls available which easily fits into the grip of your hand. You must hold the ball in the injured hand and gently squeeze it. This helps in gaining back the strength and mobility which was curbed by the condition.

5. Back Exercises -
This exercise helps to increase the strength in the back. In this exercise, you must lie on your stomach and by exerting pressure, raise your hands and place the palm away from the body and hold the thumbs up. This exercise must be repeated in order to enjoy the benefits.

6. Tennis Elbow Brace -
These fix the elbow in a comfortable position and don’t allow it to move helping it heal on its own.

Tips To Prevent From Getting A Tennis Elbow - 

Read on more to find about all the different ways to strengthen your muscle groups to prevent tennis elbow:

  1. Staying in good physical shape overall tones your body and strengthens your muscle groups, thus reducing the likelihood of tennis elbow.
  2. It is also important that the physical activities, which are performed by you are done using proper technique as otherwise undue strain might cause unnecessary discomfort and pain.
  3. You should try strengthening the muscles in your shoulder, arm and upper back to reduce the stress your elbow undergoes during physical activity.