Siddha For Cancer Treatment – Know How Can It Help!

Siddha For Cancer Treatment – Know How Can It Help!


By Dr. Puthumaivinayagam Jeyaprakash Narayanan, Siddha

The treatment of Cancer involves destroying cancerous cells for which highly powerful radiation or chemicals are used. A combination of conventional chemotherapy and Siddha medicines can also help in monitoring the progression of cancer cells. A team of Siddha doctors with oncologists worked on reducing the side effects at the time of chemotherapy (e.g., decrease in the white blood cell amount), by combining these two types of therapies.

With support from the reputed experts of Siddha, the doctors planned to conduct trials on animals to discover if this new method is effective in helping cancer patients.

The Siddha medicine practitioners used the combination of Kodiveli (Plumbago zeylanica), Indian ginseng (Withunia somnifera) or Ashwagandha, and Marking nut (Semecarous anacardium) on cancer cells positioned in a petri dish. After some weeks, they found that the evolution of cancer cells had slowed down by 37% in that petri dish where this combination treatment was used. Doctors of Siddha hospitals found that the herbal preparations can work significantly for treating cancerous cells in the ovaries, liver, pancreas, and breasts as the results were positive.

By the Siddha system of medicine, scientists and doctors observed that when given to cancer patients at the time of radiation and chemotherapy, this combination treatment helps lessen the adverse side effects of conventional therapy.

At the time of chemotherapy, good cells such as platelets and white blood cells (WBCs) are also killed along with the cancerous cells. By consuming these Siddha medicines, patients have revealed that their platelet count and white blood cells did not fall to extremely low levels after therapy. Many oncologists have suggested that patients can use Siddha medicines with cancer therapy. A reputed cancer institute can allocate these herbs which are available in tablet and syrup forms for those undergoing chemotherapy. This is only a combination of therapy. The patients are asked to carry on with their modern medicine and use Siddha medicine as supplements to lessen the side effects.

Take Away

A combination of traditional chemotherapy and Siddha medicines can help in the treatment of cancer cells. Medical practitioners from a Siddha hospital conducted an experiment using various herbs which showed positive results on managing cancerous cells. They used a combination of Kodiveli, Indian ginseng, and oriental cashew nut on cancer cells lined in a petri dish, and after some weeks, the evolution of cancer cells slowed down by 37%. They also observed that herbal extracts given to cancer patients help reduce the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Although, it is always advisable to consult a Siddha specialist before going for this combinational treatment.